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Program for viewing TV programs through the Internet - Q&A

Program for viewing TV programs through the Internet

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Advise a program for viewing TV programs through the Internet. Preferably under Windows and only with Russian channels, with a less intuitive interface, so how to use will be the parents. Paid or free doesn't matter.

The software I've tried and don't fit:
Super Internet TV
Radio Clicker Pro
TV Player Classic
Free Internet TV
Online TV Player

The goal is to make Internet TV the main one. I understand that the quality will be worse, but the fact is that in order to watch Russian channels my parents have to pay for satellite TV which costs about$ 70 a month.
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4 Answers

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Perhaps your ISP has IPTV, even with the free channels (usually you can watch for free terrestrial channels). If not, examine other providers. The quality will be better at best than when viewing over the Internet.
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iptv player on
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RusTV Player try.
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My advice is otuchivshis (and otacilia parents and children) from the television.
Advertising zombiruet transfer in 99.9% of cases stultifying, movies impossible to watch because of advertising, the picture quality (essential, but even more conveyed via the Internet) is unacceptable to modern TV.
Almost everything worth watching, now you can download and watch calmly and in normal quality.
IMHO the future for VoD.
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