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Why the instant overheating of the CPU from rebooting? - Q&A

Why the instant overheating of the CPU from rebooting?

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Assembled from purchased, new parts of the system unit. There was a following problem at startup (OS not installed yet):

1. Start the system unit, normally I go to the BIOS Setup
2. The BIOS Setup shows the CPU temperature. As I enter in BIOS Setup, it is at about 52-55 degrees and then quickly drops to 45-47, and continues to be. You might wait many minutes — the CPU temperature is increasing.
3. Change BIOS settings, press save and restart. Afterwards, POST download issued one long and three short beeps, shows "CPU Over Temperature Error, Press F1 to Continue", I go immediately to the BIOS — the CPU temperature is already at 75 to 77 degrees, but quickly drops back to 45.

Ie the problem is that the reboot processor at me for a second warmed up from 45 to 75 degrees, causing the error.

Possible sources of problems

1. Bad thermal paste. First, the percent I put that thermal paste that came with cooler. After immediately got the error, removed the cooler and abundantly all smeared thermal compound ZM-STG2 Super Thermal Grease. The processor is pressed against the mount to the motherboard firmly, cooler to the CPU too.

2. Overclocking timings. No settings for overclocking a computer I didn't put as unpacked the motherboard out of the box, with the settings and set.

3. Not running fan on the cooler percent. Removed the side cover, checked everything. He felt the radiator cooler — barely heated (i.e., one of the few remains cold and takes the heat).

4. Problem with power supply, too high voltage, the surge voltage at the start. That's what I don't know how to check the PSU is also brand new.

What else can be the options?

Components that make up the system unit:

1. Intel Core i5 2500K, 3.4 GHz

2. Here's a cooler on it.

3. Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth P67 (rev 3.X) with UEFI AMI BIOS, version BIOS firmware from September 2011

4. Power supply unit HIPER K800 800W

5. RAM DIMM DDR3 Samsung 1333MHz 4Gb x 4 PCs.

6. NVidia GeForce GTX 550Ti, additional power connected

Note: this motherboard has a variety of temperature sensors, according to the testimony which it self-adjusts the speed of rotation of all coolers. So it is in the moment of restarting, it accelerates coolers to loud howling, and then when everything cools down, it runs completely silently and is not heated.
Ie this fact confirms that the processor is not heated dramatically in the process, namely in the one-time reboot.
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7 Answers

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Try to force to put the cooler on the maximum number of revolutions. Also, perhaps You "fail" the temperature sensor. Once faced with a similar sin on everything, but it turned out to be temperature sensor.
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5. Bug of the BIOS (namely, definition of temperature, it is okay). If at the moment of restarting, the speed does not decrease to zero, as would not have anything to overheat. I suggest to update the BIOS. On the website there are 2-week old.
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Sucks smeared thermal paste?
Distorting the base of the cooler and/or curve cover on the processor?
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I would not particularly worried about it. Both rack servers I have, too, starts with a loud howl. I think it is 1) testing of fans, 2) calibration of the scheme, governing the speed of rotation.
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Question 5 paragraph
Looking Bios firmware on the ASUS website, found that from last 2012/05/02
Sabertooth P67 BIOS 3209
After updating it, it will be interesting to his behavior.
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>liberally all smeared
Thermal grease should be applied in a thin layer, solely in order to smooth out the bumps. A thick layer conducts heat worse.
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The day before yesterday fixed this school is in one of sistemnika. The problem was, as I thought, thermopaste. Replaced that and worked as it should.
p.s.: Wrote above the option of accelerating the cooler on the CPU. This is an option, but for me Turbo mode did not help.
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