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How to promote a Facebook group? - Q&A

How to promote a Facebook group?

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Where to promote and what to use for promotion? On can you buy followers and reposts (1.80 rubles/PC), and it is possible to advertise in

Can't decide on the promotion of experiences in such a case there is, I may be wrong with the method, and to a small efficiency from the money invested. Please share the experience how to promote group and what services you have used. Also it would be interesting to know how much did you promote the group(the number of subscribers, the days spent)

PS: the female subjects, the group of new there are about 200 people with a budget of 20-40 thousand / month.
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7 Answers

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The absolute majority of automatic services indicators wind. It is simply more profitable than to raise you these indicators (like\\repost, etc.) due to targeted traffic. You can just keep the army in a couple of thousand bot accounts and sell them. Nevertheless, they are useful, but only in order to raise the band from scratch. In empty groups targeted traffic comes reluctance.

Once exceeded the first thousand to join - it is time to end this game with a wrap and start working with real traffic. Otherwise you'll just fool yourself.

You'll need some kind of tool for finding your target audience, analysis, cleansing it from bots and create remarketing lists. For example, "Cerebro", for this approach, or similar tool.
Then just work with the teasers, test CTR, reduce the cost of clicks, subscription price, etc.

You can try to buy ads in similar communities, but their audience too, is first tested at the teasers, and the community to analyze on the subject of cheating indicators.
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You can post the post "I am admin, run naked through red square as soon as the group will gain 200k subscribers," and to share is with other large public.

PS constantly see examples of implementation of this method.
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Quality and interesting content
Every day 2 or 3 times
Subscribers manually, you can cheat, but this is a tough question - it needs a specialist to solve
And so on.
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How absolutely true wrote above: "the Main source of targeted subscribers is the search for Vkontakte, but then again... that would get in top issue you need to have a large number of those subscribers, therefore, in any case, you will need to buy/cheat PS."(C)

Most recently, the task was to promote the group Vkontakte. Tried a few crack up the services... Sorry, but to sit and manually click each "like" is masochism.
The result: a program Vtape( I also advised, and the Toaster.

a) a Registered Twitter accounts, Instagram, Ask.FM, YouTube and Vkontakte.
b) the Program performs actions upon HERSELF to manually click do not need.
in) points Earned spend on the desired result.

Personally, I have the program working for a week. Per month promised ~5000 points, something like this comes out. During the day, the group is added to ~80-120. Go — units.
The creators of the program promise a complete simulation of the action of a live user, eliminating the ban. Quite superficially familiar with the rules of Facebook, but I note that...
According to the person, ACC Vkontakte lives to ban about a month(for ACCA in other services it is possible not to worry). My ACC(ESS-but a fake that was created specifically to work with the program) got banned a week later. Reason: prelude to any newly created group(about 50 people) who seemed suspicious admins. More precisely, THEY are ways of attracting people into their group(they also Vtope use).
spammers used Your page for mass joining the group for the purpose of advertising and promotion of these groups.
If You have entered a community job social stock exchange — unfortunately, You are allowed to use your page to cheat. From Siberi have to give up, otherwise the lock will continue and time will increase.
This page was frozen for suspicious entry on Your behalf in the group (which You, in spite of the spammers, no longer)

However, I noticed that Vtope use as a "newborn" with the number of employees not more than 50-100, and the "giants", where number of people exceeds 20000. Entered and there and there. Banned for "baby". Is it a coincidence? Or the giants don't arouse suspicion? I don't know...

Sent a query code, unlock, ACC, continue to turn subscribers. Perhaps a relapse of the lock is more restrictive. So try to do everything with maximum caution: ACC VK in the group is not a member and do not show any relations with the group(or likes or reposts, etc.); periodically purging of the groups and subscriptions, that the work of Akka is not stalled(the number of groups and pages the user has a limit).
For the week clocked 784 subscriber(in Prime time — faster at night — almost stands still). Another few weeks and I do not need: the group will be in the top of the search and users will join it themselves. As required.

In General, try it. Most likely you will not regret, will be satisfied with the result(still, you do not manually click).

The only SIGNIFICANT negative Vtape — the program crashes with an error every 1-8 hours(randomly). While treatment was not found.
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Make a goal to reach the top of search results Vkontakte, search engine is the main source of subscribers read at your leisure "How to promote the group Vkontakte independently".
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The main source of targeted subscribers is the search for Vkontakte, but then again... that would get in top issue you need to have a large number of those subscribers, therefore, in any case, you will need to buy/cheat PS.
There are two options:
1. To use specials. services such as Vktarget or Like
2. To use the services of active advertising (SAR) type Socpublic
With the second option, you can specifically set the job to execute, for example: to join your group + tell your friends + repost + a couple of likes on the wall, prices for an assignment you set for yourself !
But if you are working on pure enthusiasm, that is you have no money to promote your group :( You can use the third option :
3. Make use of the services by type Smofast . In this service for the promotion of your group do not have to invest money, you can earn coins by adding friends, likes other people's records, joining communities, etc. Earned coins you can spend on promotion of their group, in General, it is "you are me and I you."
The third option is of course "baby" , but perfect for novice administrators
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