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The printer prints differently depending on the type of the selected paper - Q&A

The printer prints differently depending on the type of the selected paper

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There is a task to print pdf from many (more than hundreds) of images on photographic paper using inkjet MFP Canon MP190. The first 80 came out fine (with two refills), and then the orange color began gradually to go into yellow and then yellow-green.
This occurs when you select a paper type Matte Photo Paper in the print settings with Plain Paper the colors are not affected (but the quality suffers greatly), the output printer is able to print fine, the problem is not the ink. Three rectangles of CMY colors look normal. Multiple deep cleanings did not help.
What could be the reason of this phenomenon, and how to deal with it?

Illustration of gradual change of colors:

Solution: on one of the forums I learned that the cartridges for my printer after ~50 ml of ink stops working thin magenta nozzle, so the color is distorted only in the midtones with its contents. After the cartridge is replaced, everything was fine.
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Apparently when you select photo paper, the printer prints and uses ink cartridges at all as on normal paper. You can try to change all the cartridges on new. And give good rest to the laborer.
In General, the struynika for such problems is not intended. Cheap color laser printer on 100+ pages of A4 already paid. Another thing is if you need photo quality. Actually for what purpose the photo, you need photo quality or just illustrations on thick quality paper?
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CISS or Carthage? In the first case, similar to the degradation of ink into a jar (e.g., from sunlight), i.e. the composition of the ink at the top and bottom banks have different.
In the second case, possible partial saturation capacity due to the constant background fill (ink rashoditsya faster than the time to replenish — the-blank color (white dots) visible on the printout?
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