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Is it worth buying a PS3 not in Russia - Q&A

Is it worth buying a PS3 not in Russia

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Attraction to games finally prompted me to buy a PS3. But my wife and I prefer everything in the original language. And since I'm talking about the PS3 don't know anything, several questions arise:

1. Is it possible to buy in Russia to English?
2. If not, will the game ordered somewhere in the Amazon to work on a PS3 bought in Russia.
3. Which PSN I will be able to register if I buy a console in Russia and what if you order on Amazon?
4. Actually, the console — is there a difference between purchased from us or brought from abroad, for example in terms of the interface.
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5 Answers

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1. Most games are not translated to Russian language. There are games that are translated, but allow you to play with the original voice acting. But there are those where only the Russian language.
Buy games in English. In most cases they are delivered before the official release date from Europe (often from the UK). Can give the address a great online store that it (also) operates.
2. Only those games that are in the same region as the Russian counterparts. That is the game from Europe will start.
3. In any. I registered in the American, Japanese, Russian, and German PSN.
4. The interface language can be changed to any supported. Including in English.
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In English you can read here:
In a nutshell — games you can play any, but there are limitations depending on the region. For example, in some countries, can be disabled/replaced by the bloody spray, or exposed bone. By itself, the region is only important when viewing licensed video disks.
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1. Yes
2. Yes
3. In any
4. No
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Games PS3 regional restrictions exist. For Ps2\\Ps1 — Yes, if supported. Language games changed by switching the system language on the right. In all Russian games have English subtitles and / or voice. Regionalism console also only matters for warranty, TV console purchased from Amazon will be repaired only in America. To register you will be able in any PSN Store only, be prepared to pay in currency of the country that owns the store. Again, not a problem, there are cards, Bank cards are not needed.
Console purchased "there" will require replacement elektrowerke with us on our BP console itself multivoltine, and perfectly "eats" as they are 110 and 220 our
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Another is to consider a regional reference to the PlayStation Network. Default in Russia is the registration in the European PSN. And if games will be bought on Amazon (that is the game for North America), the various add-ons for games bought in our PlayStation Store can be incompatible with amerikanskoi version of the game
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