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How in word 2007 to do to print borderless? - Q&A

How in word 2007 to do to print borderless?

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when printing in word 2007 gives the trimmed sheet sheet, that is, the content of list beyond print, how to do to print borderless? then there are clips on the sides.

in General did so - converted to PDF and printed, but was tormented by the question whether it is possible as a thread without converting to wordscom format?


when printing where it cuts off
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3 Answers

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I think you need to check the paper size of the document (on the ribbon "page Layout" - "size"). Must be in the same sheet, on which printing will occur. (i.e. if it is A4, and A4 need to be exposed).

But as far as I know if the size change is already typed and typeset the document, the layout often becomes a mess, so that the option of pre-converting to PDF is not so bad.
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You'll have to determine the terminology.
"Borderless printing" matter of the print content from edge to edge of the physical sheet.

On most printers, by the way, is impossible in principle - at least 5 millimeters at the edges of the sheet cannot be used for printing due to the structure lactoproteins mechanism.

If you are faced with the fact that you have a content beyond the boundaries of the sheet when you print, do the following (for Word 2007, later versions of the algorithm, another):

1. open Word document problem
2. in the ribbon, go to the tab "page Layout"
3. find the button "Size" click on it, it might be Letter size 21.59 cm x 27.97 cm, or kosher A4 21 cm x 29.7 cm, or something else. If you print on A4 make sure there is A4, if not put it and try to print.

ATTENTION! Due to a change in the size of the sheet the formatting of the text can "swim"! Especially if it is made, as usual, spaces and extra lines.

As a variant, it is possible to try to avoid, if not change the sheet size of the document, and to massturbate his Word and means:
- leave a page size that is different from the output of A4, no change
- go to the print dialog, for example, pressing Ctrl+P
in the print dialog, right below the OK and Cancel in the "Scale" drop-down list of "page size" select A4
- as a result, the document will be smasshtabirovannogo, format, most likely, will not float - but you need to check it anyway

4. If new documents are created they have a default size of A4 is also not, is reasonable to set A4 size by default, as follows:
in any document, press Ctrl-F2 to switch to preview mode
in the ribbon, preview find the button "Size" click on it
- in the menu click on "Other pages" at the very end, opens a dialogue
- set A4 in the top drop-down menu "paper size"
in the bottom left corner there is a button "default", click it and then click Yes in the dialog that appears
now all new documents (based on normal will be created in A4 format

BUT! All this is not quite correct, since the vast majority have no such problems, despite the chosen document format and all because the printer driver is usually automatically scales everything bigger than A4, smaller side no matter what problems you have. You do not work and you this feature, in fact, laid on the PDF. Yes, if you follow the above recommendations, you (1) will be able to change the paper size of any document on A4, and (2) all continue to be created on your PC documents will also be in A4 format. However, if you get someone a file with a different sheet format - which is often, because usually all the scales all by itself, and this one is not steamed - you will have problems when printing, and you would have to change the paper size of the document.

What to do? Go to printer settings:
in any document, press Ctrl+P to display the print dialog
- top right from the drop-down list to select the printer, there is a button "Properties", click on it
- opens the window of printer driver settings
- here you are in a free floating, because they are for each printer, but I have, for example, in this window, there are items of "sheet size" (corresponding to the sheet size of the printed document) and "output sheet" (specified by user). For example, if the document has a different format than A4, you can set the output size to A4, and the printer driver itself it umassfive. I have two features:
-- this setting is not stored to the default zoom, it is necessary to create a profile and to save these settings
-- !! regardless, I turned the zoom or "forgotten", I still have all the scales up to A4, it's a smart printer :)
You, apparently, it's different, explore, go for it.
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only photo printers with this option can print borderless well and configuration page respectively fields should not be
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