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Changed RSS link - Q&A

Changed RSS link

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Lostfilm changed the link to the RSS.



And in this tape there are no direct links to torrents.
On the main site is still the old (and not working).
Does anyone know if this is permanent or are they buggy?

Apparently rssdd.xml works, just with wild intermittent...
Just an old link, the script started downloading Spartacus.
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5 Answers

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This is probably due to the fact that torrent files can now be found at and not the actual
So, apparently, this is for good.
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Thanks for the info.
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As an alternative you can use (There is a RSS tape torrent clients). Like quickly are new releases from lostfilm and not only.
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Again RSS Downloader with lost, anyone fixed?

UPD. 17.02.2017
Answer himself. Here is what I wrote in response lostfilm admin, MB who could be useful:
To automatically download the files you need to configure the torrent client to the RSS feed of the site

In setting up RSS Downloader in the URL string of the ribbon, you must enter the address like this:;usess=xxxxxx, where uid is Your user ID on the website (specified in the settings in the personal Cabinet), and usess the user session (indicated in the window at the bottom left of the RSS icon, click on the inscription usess it Your usess).
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Use the new link:
To download torrents you will need to make a request to the above link with cookie: uid and usess.
How to get uid and usess that is described here:

As already mentioned, for uTorrent'and the link to the RSS feed should look like this:;usess=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
where xxxxxxx should be replaced by corresponding parameters from the instructions above.

For FlexGet full instructions for setting up are there:
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