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What will happen if you stop the fan in the power supply? - Q&A

What will happen if you stop the fan in the power supply?

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Have assembled:
motherboard GA-H61M-DS2
Intel Core i3-3220
120 gb SSD
passive cooling on percents
power supply FinePower DNP-650EPS 600W
I don't play games, the computer is used exclusively for office tasks + surfing the net.
What happens if you just stop the fan in the PSU? Passive cooling will be enough for future work?
Want to get rid of the noise. A kind of the easiest way to get a silent system :)
When perigee BP he'll just pass out, or it can lead to bole serious consequences?
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7 Answers

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May result in more serious consequences. If you want silence, get the power supply, originally designed for passive cooling, for example:
FOX ATX-400BT 400W
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Can result in a fire at the office.
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Stayed a few times in the office...
Once the comp is slightly buggy, sometimes rebooted and was hot as a samovar emitting a characteristic smell, but girls a week noticed nothing.
Other times just swelled up capacitors and the PSU stopped working.
After replacing the PSU in both cases, the computers were working, nothing burned.
If you can disable the body will need something to aerate, and then the CPU will overheat.
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The power pack will continue to work.
But in the absence of active cooling, it can overheat. As a result of either failure or fire.

Do you have a low power system, so a large load on the unit will not, however, the problem is that it was designed under the active cooling, so it is possible and overheating at low load.
Here is an example of a compact power supply with passive cooling.

There are two possible options -
1) buy a dedicated PSU designed for passive cooling.
2) Make a fan control depending on temperature. Ie, that he was always off, but in the case of temperature rise were included.

P. S. But not too powerful power supply you chose for your load?
Judging by the description of the configuration you have the maximum peak consumption is not more 100vatt.
And the power supply on 600ватт.
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Can pick up and replace the cooler/coolers in the power unit for silent counterparts.
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It is better not to stop, because at the wrong time, when it will be necessary to remove excessive heat from the PSU, may be trouble, of which the most harmless - the failure of BP.
The noise from the fan is directly proportional to the number of revolutions. The smart thing to do is to put the automatic fan control, the fan no load/minimum load on the PSU will be fixed, and when you see the load start to remove heat from the elements is minimal turnover, increasing them if necessary.
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As did my brother:
Got a frozen chicken, put on the system unit. And then the cooler is not needed, and you're not going to explode. In General, there is such a thing, once it is there then it should be.
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