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Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera - Q&A

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

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Going to buy Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera (Body + 18-55mm + 75-300mm lenses). In Russia it is a Canon 600D.

As the choice fell on the budget issue and for reviews. True reviews from Yandex-market trust is not much, but from the United States and Europe, the reviews look more realistic.

I would like to know Abrosimov whether to buy this model? The pros and cons to use?

Bought for personal use.

If someone have a question about knowledge:

in his youth was the fifth FED ω, knew how to use a light meter, he developed film, printed photos.

P. S. I would like to hear opinions from both experienced photographers and enthusiasts. If you want to recommend Nikon, Sony etc, please don't bother. Buy "the shit" to these brands are expensive and not always available.

UPD: Forgot at the time to close the topic. Bought a 550D and have no regrets. Now of course I want something more.
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7 Answers

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Suggest instead of 18-55mm to take a fifty-kopeck piece 1.4 or at least 1.8.
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Starting with the 450D really need to take normal optics. Well, or at least 50 fix.
The fact is that megapixels many cheap optics very much lather. And the more megapixels, the more it "soap" is visible. Whale optics is designed for 10-12 megapixels. For such matrices the photos are sharp, clear, contrasting. On 18мп don't have the sharpness and clarity. When you have had to take expensive optics in order to get good pictures.
As an option — you can then reduce the resolution of pictures to 10-12MP, thereby compensating for the resolution matrix and partly to raise the sharpness.
He polzuus 450d — whale lenses thrown out long ago. While saving up for the lens, use a high-aperture fifty-kopeck piece 1,8. For home enough. If you want to — take the time photographers good Zuma.
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Strange question, the Canon, everything is very clearly divided into their own segments of the market:
4 the numbers in the title — bleh,
3 figures — cheap, better,
2 digits — even better
1 figure — 1d > 5d > 7d
Accordingly, for example, the 600d is better than the previous 500d.
I.e. to be guided very simply by having a threshold budget :)
Good reviews here:
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The 600D camera itself is not removed, only studied features so in choosing to not help.
But I will say a few words about a whale lens Canon 18-55 IS, if you don't mind.
He's cool. I've done comparative tests on the Canon EOS 30D – filmed on my beloved 17-40L and a whale, changing them on the go. In landscape photography and HDR photography the difference can be seen only with a magnifying glass, if you know where to look: the branches of the trees at the edges of the frame etc. I was Doing simple portraits outside in bright weather, and also was pleased with the result. To do more extensive tests I have ran out of time – thirty I had sold the kit with this kit, why this kit was purchased.
I don't mind the fifty dollars, I used to have one (F1.4), but that's another story :-)
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If you take for yourself — suggest the Nikon 5100.
The picture quality at altitude, in the automatic mode can shoot even a child (checked... a child of 8 years) and the quality is excellent, with no incorrect work (I love this math is not one picture and not a single hang-up device during the work), comfortable in the hand, focus on the object in manual and semi-automatic mode — super flash (built-in) at full power shows itself better than for example the Sigma — if the built-in flash would spin, I think it would be cool. The screen rotates, which already sets this model from other (checked on the wedding: I could shoot from other angles than a professional photographer with his camera). The camera worked in harsh conditions: high temperatures (Egypt and the sea), and crush-proof abrasive (sand, camping, barbecues, forest and hands of the child falling from the height of the knees and belt a couple of times), humidity (steam bath, and the sea for the summer), video recording (better than a digital video camera) and a simple menu and the option to save in two formats RAV and a JPEG. In short there are more pluses than minuses. No noise auto-focus as strongly as the example of my friend the Canon — it does not remove the video.
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Answer I was looking for a DSLR and eventually took the D5100, but it is rather for religious reasons.
And You would be advised 550D for reviews, and subjectively he was better than 600 key, and saved 1000 wood to take optics better.
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Canon 600D is a great camera, even the younger brother of the 1100D will allow you to take wonderful photos. Here Canon bcra group There you can see examples of photos and if the work is not signed, it is difficult to say — it's 1100D or 7D.
About optics and a small budget, if you want to shoot "landscapes, portraits, macro".
\r1. Landscapes. No matter how hayali the kit lens 18-55 IS, it copes well with their tasks and the ratio quality/price it has no equal at the primary level. The difference in price of the carcass and carcass + a whale = 3-4тр. Lenses, which here advise are much more expensive, and they are certainly better, but not far this procedure.
\r2. Portraits. Need a Canon 50 1.8 ef, svetosilnyj fix the entry-level 3500 — 4000 Tr, in the group Vkontakte above view examples made with this lens.
75-300mm is not needed for your needs.
I considered to myself Canon 1100D, 550D, 600D, Nikon 3100, Nikon 5100. From Nikon a I refused because of the 30fps when shooting video at 720p, I wanted to experiment with slow motion, for the same reason disappeared 1100D. For video the autofocus is mostly used manual, because auto contrast slow from Canon and Nikon. In the end, in the end, I decided not to pay extra for the swivel screen (and the external ignition PY) and the choice fell on the 550D, although in some places the screen would have been useful.
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