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The account of computers and office equipment in the company. Service (preferably) or application - Q&A

The account of computers and office equipment in the company. Service (preferably) or application

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Good evening all!

We have 5 offices, 45-50 people, the same computers + printers, routers, and other hardware.
All this is watched 2 employees.
All this, of course, need to take stock and consider.
My urgent requests to anything really failed.
Yes, there is a file in gogogogo with a list of iron, nothing more. Even stickers with inventory numbers they are too lazy to do.
And I would like to order.

What you're looking for?
Online service for this subject engine, script for server install; worse, the online application. Worse, because almost all Windows and I have Mac. If the application you need or the web interface, or the client version for Mac including.

I don't need to scan the network and automatically inventory the hardware, there are many such programs. Moreover, in addition to computers and other hardware.
I need advanced "ecclesiastical".
Maintaining the register of equipment with different parameters, perhaps the logging of the repair, replacement, maintenance.
Preferably the formation and listing of part numbers, then stick them which is understandable :-)
Simple tasks.

Understand that if you write a web application yourself, it will take not much time. Roughly speaking, the frontend to the database. CMS can and some realize, too clear.
But your bike... why. Maybe there is already such solution! Yes, certainly there. Am I the only one you need. What I came up with the "idea for a startup" also siiilno doubt.

I would appreciate tips! In an Internet searched, did not really found.
Thank you.
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Let me first clarify what does "urgent requests"?
These 2 people, (those engaged in the iron) are your direct subordinates or not? If this is Your Subordinates, then what is the argument of "laziness stickers with inventory numbers"? A written order on the inventory and the signature of the two employees that the order about carrying out inventory of familiar!
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As the best option for You GLPI:
"GLPI is the Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration - Interface. You can use it to build up a database with an inventory for your company (computer, software, printers...). It has enhanced functions to make the daily life for the administrators easier, like a job-tracking-system with mail-notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network-topology."
And there are reports and tables and queries.
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Inventory — go through all the PC to run aida64 (former аида32/Everest)
collect all the reports in a bunch of soap.
Of options — a lot of scripts on PowerShell that can be finished under him the results only to the basic need of the parameters, almost at the start of the Windows in the GPO.
still have servicedesk, but this is a paid ticketing system
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There is a very good dedicated solution based on 1C platform.
It is all described in the query:
- accounting computers
- inventory
- picking
- print labels
- access via the web and via the app
- huge plus is the ability to Refine the system "under itself"
(Yes, in General, is all that relates to accounting machines and the job of any it professional).
A link to the program managing the IT Department 8
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We posted an article describing the work on the inventory in our configuration: the Shoemaker without shoes, or accounting equipment in the it Department. Part I. Can see and appreciate.
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I suggest to try FOR "Accounting office in the organization in the WEB browser."
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