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What mac mini to buy 2012 (MD388xx) or 2014 (MGEN2xx)? - Q&A

What mac mini to buy 2012 (MD388xx) or 2014 (MGEN2xx)?

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Standing before choosing which model to buy, write that the updated model is weaker than 2012 twice (on the fence actually write, too).
Take for coding software (with miniks not face).
Is there any users who have updated and have specific experience?
Thank you
the differences can be viewed here
Interested in:
Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz/8 GB 2014 (MGEN2xx)
Quad-Core Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz/4GB memory 2012 (MD388xx)

from themselves, in the new model the memory is soldered => do not upgrade
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4 Answers

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Alas, 2014 is justified only top.
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For coding there is no difference, take any. Honestly, the old 4 core processor in the mini is only useful for very very demanding tasks.
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But this is a very good question. As the owner of a 2011 mini, and people waiting for new models for several years, formed a definite opinion on this matter.

3 the main disadvantage of the new mini is:

1. It is impossible to stick the second disc
2. You cannot upgrade the memory.
3. Douala bark max

Both are very critical. For example I'm not ready to give up your second hard drive. I have a system with 256 SSD and data HDD 1Tb. It is convenient. If the disk is only one, that I need not less terobayt and after the SSD has no options that I again began to work on the HDD. A 1TB SSD on the Apple website it is +$800.

About the memory I will say that 4 is clearly not enough. You need at least 8. Upgrade to 8 will cost $100 while the 16 + another $200 (and $300).

Well and PERC. The most moschny I can get this 3.0 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7. Only a 2-core. 4 no nuclear. And for this we have to add $300.

And if you take a normal Kopi percent with i7 and 16 GB of memory, it will be $1,400. And this is serious money.

So my answer is. If for you no problem $1,500 to spend on this case, it is possible to take a mini 2014 (but the second disc will be so limiting)

In another case, I would advise to take 4 nuclear i7 2012.

Personally, I have had such a plan. But the update one 2011 other 2012 gives not much. So I'm in no hurry.


Here is a comparison of processors


As you can see the Mac Mini 2012 has better performance than the processor 2014 just because it's 4% against nuclear nuclear 2 although generation 3 vs generation 4.
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The most important question - where did you see in the sale MD388?
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