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Twitter-bots or cheat indicators for microblog of the Governor? - Q&A

Twitter-bots or cheat indicators for microblog of the Governor?

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The Governor of Krasnodar region has a microblog on Twitter. He has over 14 thousand followers, which is very, very much. If someone where interested in the Kuban and in Russia, many Twitter users interested in chick-Chirico Alexander Tkachev and see a list of followers, you will certainly be interested in a large number of followers with monotonous bourgeois names like Adriano Ottosen, Lowrance Maese or Bronk Washinton.

All this has some spam accounts and thousands of them! In addition to the remarkable interest in the Governor's boring scribble all of them have identical performance activity: 0 tweets, 210 subscriptions to blogs and exactly 71 followers:




One question: the press-service of the Governor is innocent and some spammers followed everyone or is it ordered pumping pisconeri? Anyone else ever seen this anomaly?
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3 Answers

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Maybe they ordered the "promotion" Twitter account have some questionable offices, and they are, instead of making white promotion just decided to score all the bots.
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At least in my followers, I observed the same bots.
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Too see, but they are more likely to act on the principle of "I-you-you-me." Maybe even a real person so spamming at random.
Well, "pumped" by the Governor of your account, there is a lot to learn :) And with a couple of real followers it would be not solid.
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