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Cheap (Chinese) Android tablet for a child 4 years! Help! - Q&A

Cheap (Chinese) Android tablet for a child 4 years! Help!

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When I was 4 years old, don't think I was even a wooden account.
My 4 year old daughter that knows how to deal with MacBook needed her volumes, said that many in the garden, there are "computers andoid".

At first I did not attach any importance to this. Then look on Groupon sell children's tablet computer. Thinking than my small worse and I behind the times, and decided to buy her.

Of course, the guys that offer the PlayPad done, collect the right (hopefully) kids apps in one place, + apparently finished (?) some shell starting.
The entire list of installed apps PlayPad I have found, especially in the market their is still a million options.

But to buy for 6500r, and especially for 13000, Noam 7"tablet with percent 700MHz and 512ОЗУ, even if issued for a specific vendor, I don't want.
I think out of habit, to buy on AliExpress.
The task is clear: cartoons, music, educational programs, simple games.

The problem is that I have never kept these tablets in his hands. From here:
1. thinking about buying 9". Do I have to? Will not he great? Maybe the child is 8 enough?
2. you should pay attention to? I was primarily concerned that the tablet does not fall apart in the hands of a child. The build quality is. The quality of the housing. I understand that it will be China but I don't want Samsung galaxy )) Just felt good in the hands and worked until the summer though -))
3. from my Android phone — LG Optimus Black — at the speed, memory, etc. are quite satisfied. What to look for when choosing a cheap tablet in terms of the config?
4. screen 800*400 will be enough, no?
5. can anyone give links directly to the "trusted" Chinese model))

I would be very grateful for a practical advice! Thank you!
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7 Answers

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And what is Your detyu tablet?
If the educational benefits to use look at the iPad. Yes, more expensive. But the number and quality of software, especially the category of Education, is not comparable.
It I responsible, as a designer of kids ' learning programs, say.
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Lenovo LePad A1-07 — details can see on 4pda —
~ $200, maybe cheaper to find.
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How about a paperback book? They have a colored ebook reader with touchscreen (read — the same tablets) for ~300$.
However, IMHO, a little expensive to pay three hundred bucks for a toy that six months later have to throw out (and the child it is unlikely you'll live longer)...
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There are super-cheap (100$) option — but "untested"
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Display: capacitive, 7 inch, resolution 800×480
CPU: single-core 1GHz MIPS XBurst / Vivante GC860 444MHz GPU
Data transmission: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.3 and microSD
Camera: primary 2MP, front – VGA
Or KindleFire (200$) — build quality and reliability level
Android OS 2.3
Dual-core processor Texas Instruments OMAP 4
Color 7-inch touchscreen IPS-screen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels
8 GB of internal memory
Supports Wi-Fi and USB 2.0.
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for a child of that age the bigger the screen the better and safer for him (sight, posture). Take first iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB.
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The ipad1 wi-fi 16gb.
For Android 100 500 times less nice software, especially the right tutorials.
For the quality no doubt, especially on time-tested.
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While he is still inclined to Fly Touch 3
Not Superbrand in General, but everything is there and the screen is large.
It is not entirely clear what happened to his screen — multitouch or not.
And for$ 150 (16GB).
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