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Android + voice calls - Q&A

Android + voice calls

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The old phones were able to memorize the pronunciation of the contact's name and tap the button of the headset to listen to what they say. The coincidence — call the desired contact. Surprised that androidphone (HTC Desire) there is no such feature out of the box.

And what's more, never reach. Here's the paradox, even its engine and voice recognition is, and banal call a contact from the headset to make nizya :(

What can you recommend? Ideally without reference to on-line Recognizer, stupid samples like in the good old days.
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Not sure how to HTC, and LG Optimus have Voice Dialer, which approximately is and does. It seemed to me that this is a standard application.
I am now more annoying: I don't want every time to pronounce the name of the contact in its entirety. In the old Motorola I had the opportunity to link any word to any contact. That is, the contact says "Ivan Pertovich Bisbenzamidines", and the voice is called as "boss". For some reason, in Android this is not possible, although it would seem, should be easy, if it is old dumbphone did.
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View Voice Speed Dial
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Voice Speed Dial — was not the best Omnicom. Poor design and long runs even on the most advanced smartphones. And the program fee.
If you want free, you can try utter! Voice Commands:
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Try VoiceButton App for voice dialing. And properly looking to the Cyrillic alphabet, unlike many others. Supports aliases and can run programs. Also can launch Yandex Navigator or Google maps and plot a route. Contact search works offline.
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Three years have passed and the problem is urgent.

Many users on different Android devices after pressing the buttons to activate voice control on the headset on the smartphone screen appears a window that says "Initializing". In the end, the voice control from the headset is not working.
The solution for me was this:
1. Put from play market app Bluetooth Launch
2. Launched, from the list chose (as advised by the author) application:
Google ->
3. Ready. Check.

Now after pressing the voice control on the headset starts program Bluetooth Launch, which immediately launches voice search - "OK Google"
Works well, glitches do not see. Even with locked screen from under the graphic key triggers that surprised.
HTC Butterfly S 901s, Android 4.4.2

Voice control (OK Google) understands the Suffix field from contacts, but not able to persuade its contents. Therefore, if in contact in the Suffix field, it is written: Beloved, then say OK Google to Call my love.
The recognition I have, alas, only works when it is connected to the global network. Don't understand what is the reason, the packages are all set for offline work.

Can someone come in handy.
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