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Playing on the TV with the ROM? - Q&A

Playing on the TV with the ROM?

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Friends, I had a little debate with a friend: does the nature of devices that allow you to play on the TV games with the console ROM files, downloaded from the Internet (like a hardware emulator connected to the TV, inserted the memory card and forward). In particular we argued about Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. I think such devices should be, the other says no. Search in Google gave nothing. Tell me, can is still there?

At stake is the fate of the two liters of beer.
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3 Answers

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That's not a bad option Dingoo.
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There is such a thing as a flash cartridge. On it is poured the desired ROM, cartridge stuck in the original console, and you can play. Plus, as a rule, are supported by the saves (just dump the RAM console on a USB flash drive).
\ for Dandy
\ for Nintendo 64
\ for VirtualBoy
\ for Shogi
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Gaming multimedia system...
Supports memory cards of SD format that allows you to download games from the Internet.
8 bit Dendy (nes),
16 bit Sega (bin).
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