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Access from outside the local network through a router ASUS WL-520GC - Q&A

Access from outside the local network through a router ASUS WL-520GC

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Hello, respected Hebraist! I have a router ASUS WL-520GC and a static external ip. In a local network which is behind a router, there is a machine that spins up an http server. I would like to make from the outside address to the static ip address of the router, and to get to the http server on the local network.

For I in router settings enabled the option "Virtual Server" and set up a rule:
Port Range: 80
Local IP:
Local Port: 80
Protocol: TCP

The problem is that if I apply for static ip from the internal network, everything works right, but if from the external network, it does not work.

What is my mistake? Please tell me.
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2 Answers

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Most likely You are banned from-outside address on port 80 (maybe not only it).
If the WEB interface hangs the router on port 80, change the port and open on the outside firewall to the 80th port.
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1. Native firmware in 2008 was not functional, as I put something more complicated the Internet via dhcp in the settings — out cosmic glitches. after installing open-wrt router works for several years.
2. In fact, the question, regardless of the firmware:
2.1 Specify the port, for example 9808 to access the admin panel from the Internet if necessary.
2.2 to Register a static IP address for the server, where it is necessary to map port 80 (and, most likely, it will not be a port but a big range)
2.3 Create actually forwarding port 80 to the internal IP address of the server, for example, and specify on the web server that it runs behind a NAT in the settings of apache, IIS or what have You.
Or, to say in the settings of the router that all traffic transparently it is forwarding on specific IP.
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