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Solar battery for notebook - Q&A

Solar battery for notebook

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Google intelligible did not answer, here, too, found nothing, so turn to Habra-community:
On the Internet in large quantities sold solar batteries for the laptop, for the price of 3 for 10 + kilorubley.
I have a friend who wants to go camping (for 3 days or more) and wants to sit with a laptop.
Actually a question: how these batteries can charge the laptop and what it is worth/not worth taking. Personal experience in the matter is welcome.

PS: If you need any details please ask, I will specify)).
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5 Answers

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To charge the laptop, the battery should be 60 watts. The price is likely to be the same figures composed.
A friend used to hike 10 or 12 watts battery soft together with energy storage twilight. Charged phones, cameras and other trifles. Bought here
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With the consumption of a laptop — the surface area to become absolutely not acceptable for trekking.
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Comrade in the campaign have nothing to do?
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1) view products — very high quality
2) don't forget about ways to conserve laptop —
3) besides the sun there are other options —
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He was asked this problem. Work remotely and love camping. In the past year finally picked up a working set of solar panels to charge my powerful laptop. Plus took the antenna for 3G-the Internet - also helps greatly. On practice it turned out that not to do without a buffer battery and panel power not less than 50W.
The kit consists of this stuff
Everything in this store will cost 42 thousand. I sell the same thing with a small run-in for 18. You can bargain.
Now I do not want, but I have to sell this stuff. Now I'm in Moscow and can go to Peter. Can deliver. My phone +79883557677,,
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