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Why is the site on docker slowing down and heating up the system? - Q&A

Why is the site on docker slowing down and heating up the system?

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I seem to have gotten used to docker and launched it, only problem 1 sites are much less open than locales. With fast moves and ajax queries on the locale the processes don't eat resources as much and the system doesn't heat up as it does in docker. What may be the problem. Stack technology using php-fpm 7.3 - nginx - mysql 5.7.
It started to open a bit faster when I installed this
But with the load of the system it's some kind of trouble, I'll have the computer working and overheating at high speed.
If you compare the opening of one page, the locale shows the opening of the site 137 ms and uses memory when loading a page 7.755 MB. docker has 1.477 ms and uses 9.301 MB memory.
I mean, many times more than a locale. How can you remove this and keep the system from loading...
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1 Answer

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This is not a system load, but a file access problem.

Briefly - can help in part :cache for caching files. But you have to accept that everything will be slow.

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