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Record in Python else: return root in one line is not welcome? - Q&A

Record in Python else: return root in one line is not welcome?

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Good afternoon.
Is this the recording in one line is considered custom, rare,
prevents the perception of information in General?

This entry I noticed Peter Norvega when I listened to his online course Design of computer programs.
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2 Answers

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Yes, not welcome.
PEP8, subsection “Other recomendations”:
Compound statements (multiple statements on the same line) are generally discouraged.

However, later in PEP8 there is a comment:
While sometimes it's okay to put an if/for/while with a small body on the same line, ...

But in practice, any reviewer will reject the record. For a colon inside a complex expression must follow a new line, so you can easily distinguish it from the colon in a type annotation or, say, a dict comprehension. So what else: return − it is rather a no-no than sometimes ok.
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what is the Python root ?
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