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How to exclude a sequence of functions? - Q&A

How to exclude a sequence of functions?

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How can I bypass the serial functions?

Faced with the problem. In the script there are 2 functions that are executed sequentially.
But if the first function is false(does not find the required values), the second is not working.
Need if first doesn't work, it does not prevent the second run..

resKolichestvoSpalen.forEach(function(item, i, resKolichestvoSpalen) { document.getElementById("kolichestvo-bedroom-value-" + item).checked = true; }); resKolichestvoEtazhey.forEach(function(item, i, resKolichestvoEtazhey) { document.getElementById("kolichestvo-etazhey-value-" + item).checked = true; });
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1 Answer

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Apparently there is a bug when document.getElementById() to find the element with the given id – in fact you immediately try to change the property checked.

Two options:
  1. to check whether you found an item and only then to put checked;
  2. wrap every function in try .. catch

The first option is better:
function setCheck(arr, prefix) { arr.forEach( item => { const el = document.getElementById(prefix + item); if (el && el.hasOwnProperty("checked")) el.checked = true; }); } setCheck (resKolichestvoSpalen, "kolichestvo-bedroom-value-"); setCheck (resKolichestvoEtazhey, "kolichestvo-etazhey-value-");
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