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How to optimize and backup your local network? - Q&A

How to optimize and backup your local network?

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The situation is this... There is an existing network in the common building. Away to rent 5 floors to the customer. The customer wants these 5 floors to make your local network and separate from the total.

1. Comes Internet on WAN Kerio Gateway.
2. A 1 piece the switch L3, and also L2 switches 5pcs
Optimize and backup LAN.

Subnet floors

1. How to set so if you fail the Gateway, on the gateway can see each other through the L3 switch?
2. What routing should be done on L3 switch?
3. Default gateway and DHCP where is the best to configure?

Thanks in advance
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3 Answers

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All you need to do is to register the gateway is not Kerio, and l3 the switchboard, and learn the Russian language.
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In the center of the network switch, L2+ enough or do you have L3. It will be terminated at all client Alans, and it also start Ulanova on the interface with ip address - this is getway for each subnet.
AECOM on the switch configure DHCP-Relay (l2+ usually) for each VLAN.

Then make the default route on your router that will natite all your network.
The router routes in response to each subnet.
If the hands are too lazy, do dynamic routing is a good choice.

In the end of the network run on L3 there or in neighboring or VLAN on the router and to the Internet depending on request.
The Dhcp server could be anywhere, he'd pass it on relay.

If you need redundancy router - buy 2 router, configuring vrrp. Either do 2 routes with different weights - vrrp is better of course.

The switch is reserved for more complicated and more expensive then if you simply do crowns Tusk which dampit config, destroys and commits in the git repo.
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Thank you to all who participated! Problem solved anyone interested can write to the PM. In this case I have it work without the participation of the DHCP Relay. Static Route was enough. Thank you all =)
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