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Turnkey solution for creating mailing lists "old school" format? - Q&A

Turnkey solution for creating mailing lists "old school" format?

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My question has nothing to do with spam emails and all Internet marketing. Those who are less than 35-40 years and usually don't understand the essence; this is normal.

So: there is a small group of people who would like to lead a group discussion through public addresses traditional e-mail. The discussion can then connect new people, and some of the former participants may disconnect.

What I need, once called mailing list, but now the term has gone into the lexicon of spammers, so I don't even know what term to use now.

Here the system requirements:

  1. There is a special address , for example talk@example.comwhere domain registered on my name.

  2. There is an interface, which is available for normal email users (including computer specialists) and allows you to subscribe to this mailing list and unsubscribe from it.

  3. By default there is no restrictions on what addresses can be signed. (In particular, they do not have to be in the same domain Any member of the list can use it with your regular email address through the usual mail system (be it the web interface or some Thunderbird).

  4. There is a list administrator (such as myself) who are available simple control mechanisms: to sign or unsubscribe participant manually set restrictions on acceptable addresses, etc.

  5. A letter from each participant's list, directed to the address talk@example.comthat goes to all members of the list. However, his Reply-To is automatically set to the same talk@example.comso the usual response to that letter again will go to all subscribers.

    The last requirement is usually not reaching, but that's exactly what I need system different from the multicast address. Group addresses in each office and so more than employees, and about mailing lists all forgotten in the late 1990s.

  6. It is also desirable to have a web page with the current archive of the whole mailing list.

With a similar system extant, it is possible to see, for example, on the website of the Unicode Consortium.

And finally: I'm looking for a ready-made system, to establish where you do not want to deploy your own mail server or compile Gentoo via teletype.

Supplement the results of the review. Why is there a need in such a system? It is required to provide a means of collective communication for people who have nothing in common except the email. No way to force everyone to switch to any single means of communication (even if it is just WhatsApp, though Yandex.Connection), there is no way to ensure that all correctly used the "Reply all". It is possible only to show one public address and a command "write here".
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3 Answers

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Participants do not need to have an account.
Use Google Groups.
The Direct Add Members feature allows you to sign someone without creating an account.

See screenshot:
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well, it groups, worked, probably, even with FIDO

the heir to the famous
well, Google is also
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Easily generally Google on demand "mailing list manager". I do not know as in Russia, and in Burgundii is full of them...
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