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Learn how to pattern MVVM and WPF? - Q&A

Learn how to pattern MVVM and WPF?

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Good day!

So I write a term paper on "Information system", as it turned out, wrote it out on the workers and peasants.
Link to Git
App - Personal account of the teacher.

I wrote him, as he knew and as best he could, about any patterns didn't know at the time of writing.
And I saw "Strange booklet, green cover" in which it was said: "Write garbage".

And so I began to delve into MVVM to rewrite everything correctly. And faced with a bunch of different problems.

  1. Where to get correct and up to date literature?
  2. How to organize a proper navigation using MVVM pattern? (To change UserConrol and pass it some parameters)
  3. Is it possible to provide authorization in MVVM, because PasswordBox is necessary to work on the line.
  4. Prism Framework, and how to work with it?
  5. What is "DI", "IoC"?

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1. Or is there a Googol or is there a"Best practice 1ому"
2. Cm. "Best practices for 1ому"
3. You need to understand the separation of display logic and data logic.
4. Again, almost a Googol Habr current
5. Googol well, or 1 Habr Habr 2 something else
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