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What kind of environment develop an interface in C++? - Q&A

What kind of environment develop an interface in C++?

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Tell me, are there any environments or libraries for developing interface programs written in C++? Know about QT, but would like to know what there are other means.
P. S. I Want to develop software with modern user interface in WPF
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4 Answers

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Qt is not a development environment and framework. IDE is QtCreator, Device, Visual Studio. They allow you to work with Qt.
Except that Qt can look at GTK+ (gtkmm), wxWidgets.
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Qt - library. It's not.
Divided into components for network, XML, JSON, SQL databases, OpenGl, sound, and whatnot.
There are components to generate the visual interface.
In Qt there are 2 components to create UI Widgets and QML.
Widgets was the first. Then, when it was necessary to meet the requirements of time, came up with QML.
But widgets are outdated, were not bad. They are easier to understand.

Decide the task. What interface you require. Ask at the Toaster, can it be done on Widgets. Google interfaces created using the Widgets, maybe you want.
QML for a beginner is not recommended.
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In General, for C++ and the alternatives are not sane. Only Qt.
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I'm developing an interface in Visual Studio in the dialog editor and using the WTL library.
Only advise you not to, because it is a very outdated approach, and a library.
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