Wordpress does not send emails after domain transfer?

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Good day! 've tried everything, perekupil half of Google and nothing helps.
Made a website on wordpress initially, the domain darling.Russia, once the site was finished moved it to laponka.ru. Since I'm still learning, it turned out that the website had to restore from backup, since all data of the site was removed. Further problems with the displayed image of the site and chose not to.

Now the problem is that with the coming of the letter. In the spam either. Neither yandex nor mail nor in gmail, nowhere letters do not go. If the change in the site control panel-mail admin, then you do not receive a confirmation email transition. Using the feedback form ContactForm 7 letters, too, not come. As it is impossible to get a letter with a check account in woocomerce and order.

PHP Mailer on the hosting works, wrote to host all the protesters.

IN PHP.ini changed mailing address, no response.

The website endured by this instruction 3 by the way: dimox.name/moving-the-site-on-new-domain
Maybe something else needs to be replaced?
The htaccess file also found references to the old domain, replaced with a new one. It did not help.

Where else to look? What else could be the problem? Maybe there is something I need to include?

Configure via SMTP does not work, because the domain and hosting, different registrars, and there are complexities with the transfer. You need to have one Registrar. This transfer will be done, but something tells me that even after this post will not be coming because the problem is apparently in the settings of wordpress or SQl databases, something went wrong with the domain transfer.

Maybe there is a solution? Searched through the entire Internet, nothing helped.
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what is the problem is still there. kick support



domain and hosting, different registrars

the host may not be using your MHI if the domain zaregan not him. this is the way
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That is the problem all the same in hosting?
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