How to build the relationship between the three tables in laravel?

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There are 3 tables: articles, comments, users. This relationship - the article can have many comments:
public function comments() { return $this->hasMany('App\\Comments'); }

And each comment has 1 user. (model users)
public function comments() { return $this->hasMany('App\\post', 'user_id'); }

How to make so that in the sample of comments to a specific article was all the data from the users table? This code selects all of the comments to the article:
$comments = Posts::where('id', $news->id)->first()->comments;

That it is necessary to ascribe to in $comments in addition to comments was the info from the users table? Ie I want to make an analogue of the join means eloquent.
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$comments = $news->comments()->with('user')->get();

$post = Post::with('comments', 'comments.user')->where('id', $id)->first();
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