Where and how to buy licenses for educational institutions on the program "First aid"?

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Recently "Director working with the education system in Russia, OOO "Microsoft Rus" was sent to the Ministry of education
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To supply ON Microsoft's academic licensing programs can only partners with the status of an AEP (Authorized Education Partner).

Partner search MS quite a work and even finds the one and only partner with this status in the Amur region:
OOO "the World of computers and office equipment", Blagoveshchensk, St. Zeya 173a.
According to the website, it was once Yip Strelnikov, and it has this status already in 2010 Can be taken.)

Another question, how do you purchase hold, if it's not from "the list". About the schedule of the transition to the use of domestic office software, the performance indicators of the transition and in General about the order of the Ministry of communications No. 335 of 04.07.2018 You know?
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how old are you?
you know the joke: "you where sent, and where are you going?"

what called
what stor

write that *Udaka, who signed the letter, and by
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