Cached like Google?

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Guys like you can do on your website such as the functionality like the Google "view saved copy".
For example the main github for on November 4? With php or python?
THAT is, maybe somebody already did, or already have ready solutions or just who knows how to do this?
Of course Google is an example, that is what I need to do exactly as Google does not gather. Just want to view your website's page cache for a while.
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I must say that never did.
But, if it was a problem, I would start with PHP+CURL, would receive a response with the desired resource, if necessary - was being parsed it, and saved in the file.
It would then be possible to view such a saved copy. The task doesn't seem very complicated.
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For its or such ( which don't change css/js/img )
In CZK aiming for curl/wget and collect khtml in the form of static

If not and your pictures will be there to change, then the task becomes much more complicated, but in the first approximation, is implemented via cron + curl/wget
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