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How to organize a sub-message in protobuf? - Q&A

How to organize a sub-message in protobuf?

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Good day!
I need to read the message type and, depending on its type already to parse, th I would do so
type Message strcut { string typeMessage Body interface {}// Court I can put anything and protobuf would like }

or an example of JSON
var msg { typeMsg: user_info, body: user{ id : 564, name:dwadswa }, }

as a variant I see
message Message { string typeMessage = 1; bytes body = 2; }

but I think it's a bad idea is better. Google did not give results, or I did not understand them.Thank you
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2 Answers

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Use google.protobuf.Any, if the type is not known
or use oneof, if the limited number and they are known
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In protobuf have to do multiple fields, one for each message type. After receiving the ID type, refer to the appropriate field.
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