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If lua is to develop a full game? - Q&A

If lua is to develop a full game?

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Greetings to all concerned. Recently came up with the idea to try himself in game development (the snake is there and other bikes). As the language to choose between Python and Lua, but read that Python with his pygame's not very suitable for playable games. But Lua is very suitable, but is more often used for programming small modules in large game projects, and so on. In addition, it was found the following engines (more LÖVE framework), which predict their users to create full games: LÖVE and Corona SDK. I'm more inclined to LÖVE, maybe the information in the network on it more and the rating higher, but still plagued by doubts:
1) if Lua is generally to develop a full (not AAA of course) games?
2) LÖVE is really a good choice, or should I think better?
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3 Answers

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Not quite a full LUA language. LUA is good as a universal language for programming of internal game logic, as there is a ready library for embedding LUA anywhere.

But LUA basically write the logic of playable characters, quests, and so on.
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Lua is a convenient and beautiful language. But not the fastest. Its main advantage is that it is very convenient to describe game logic - in this respect it is very similar to JavaScript. One more plus is that the games will be easy to write modifications (of course, not mobile games).

The main drawback is that Lua is single-threaded, and it does not contain any possibility to parallelize the work (in this he is again similar to JavaScript, although the syntax is quite different).

1) is Suitable.
2) simple LÖVE engine, without abstractions, a lot of freedom, but there are drawbacks. For example, the game takes 100% of CPU. Can be overcome with crutches.
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LÖVE cool stuff. Probably already found a bunch of examples, same Mario for example.
Android convenient, right on the tablet, wrote the code and launched.
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