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Why my version is incorrect? - Q&A

Why my version is incorrect?

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There is a website - and there the job "we Need to make so that the transmitted string is displayed backwards".
Here is my code:
public static string FirstReverse(string str) { int count = str.Length; string newstr="; while (count != 0) { newstr += str[count-1]; count--; } str = newstr; return str; }

And output the result I do the input string is displayed backwards, but the system thought that my code is incorrect and after inspection in their service truncated the last character.
I use Visual Studio 2017 and I am doing great. What's the catch?
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3 Answers

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You have a different code. In the Studio int count = str.Length; and the site - int count = str.Length-1;
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Why? There is a ToCharArray and Reverse.

Console.WriteLine(ReverseString("Hello, world!")); static string ReverseString(string value) { return new string(value.ToCharArray().Reverse().ToArray()); }
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The bug, refresh the page tried? Can remember the old solution?
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