Why does not max-width?

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Hello! Please help me to understand why does not work property max-width: 1650px; for a block with class "header-wrapper".

I wrote max-width: 82.1% and it worked. The page now looks the way I would need:


However, when you shrink the page, then the green block header-wrapper somehow "falls" menu:


Somewhere I screwed up. But I do not understand where.

Code HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>Merkury Landing Page

Code CSS:

*{ padding: 0; margin: 0; } .clearfix:after { clear: both; content: "; display: table; } html{ background: #03050b; } header{ background: red; } .header-wrapper{ background: green; max-width: 1650px; margin: 0 auto; display: flex; } .header-wrapper img{ width: 238px; } .menu{ display: flex; list-style: none; } .menu li{ padding-left: 50px; }
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The property flex-wrap flex said container to move the item to a new position if it doesn't fit or not. By default, elements are not transferred.
The picture is set to fixed width. Either change the media queries to the width to each device, or to make rubber.
Why do you need clearfix, if you use flex?
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