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Whether the benefits of RAML SWAGGER before (Open Api) in 2018? - Q&A

Whether the benefits of RAML SWAGGER before (Open Api) in 2018?

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When selecting a documentation system, chose RAML, due to promises less duplication.

However, noticed that in RAML very little recent documentation and articles, tools which have been developed for it, many are not developed 2-3+ years, version 1.0 is supported by weak instruments (including PostMan had to generate RAML=>Swagger).

Swagger were not only immersed in the system documentation.

In connection with this question: does it make sense to use RAML in 2018, maybe SWAGGER has already fixed the flaws due to which RAML has been created as a more advanced alternative?
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2 Answers

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RAML - top-down Swagger - bottom-up, they are quite different.

Use Swagger to automatically generate documentation based on your code and comments. There are some rough edges, but it works. Saves a lot of time and easy to keep documentation up to date.
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Before RAML was interesting due to the developed system of data types: AFAIK, earlier first version of swagger/openapi supported only embedding JSON-schema, but now seems OpenAPI Doraville in this regard, so it looks comparable in features, but much less risky.
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