Which service would you recommend for storage of movie clips from services like YouTube and Vimeo?

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You often need somewhere to keep it short fragment from a long video from YouTube or Vimeo. With some sort of review and opportunity as it is to organize. There is a convenient service so as not to the shaman preservation, crop and export?
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That is, you need to : click on the snippet to highlight, click on the description to highlight, click on the comments to highlight, and then all together to send it somewhere for quick access, and even free storage!.... Yes, it would be convenient, of course.
But, as far as I know, this is not, and if any artist created such a script in open access in Russian and English I do this for a few years - not found.
If someone created something like that, would be good to know.

There are the usual ways to copy pages in HTML, is available for both PC and mobile, there are plenty of programs downlader, but that they are allowed to cut the fragments of the elements on the page, and send in any free cloud - I've never heard of.

Some store vidosic in the VC, someone in the Telegram, there can be sohranenku on yourself to make someone on free CDs pours. But all hands, and through the device.

In General, the Internet is plenty of options there, but that's exactly the description never met, never anything like this
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