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How to delete viewed the search results Google, Yandex? - Q&A

How to delete viewed the search results Google, Yandex?

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I want to be able to exclude from search results (Google) the results were viewing.

Let's call this option the letter F (filter).

That is, for example, starting with the moment is created and this option is checked, each search will be written references that are found among the results on this page (or better the results that come into view in the screen area). And in future searches, these links will be excluded from the results.

Then this business can develop and create different "session" (let's call yet). Are sets (lists) of such reference exception. That is, for example, include the F option, then you can either choose a session or create a new one. At a certain point in time may be open only one session. All new search results apply for this, the currently open session.

I think that it will be useful for the preparation (making) of datasets.
Anyway, if you frequently search for a particular on a particular topic, each time a search produces virtually the same.

Go to Google images, enter "cats".
By default (disabled with option F) each time by pressing "search", I see the same results.

F. include the option to Create a new session called "cats" (the goal is to look for different cats)
And each time pressing "search", I see different results (different cats).

Now, for example, need to search only kittens. Create a new session "kitties" score search "kittens" or "little seals", and so on and every time I see new kittens. Thus from the results of the search excluded only links to the session — kitties.

Then again, if you want to search for cats in General (not just kittens), choose (switch to) the session cats.

Understand that the longer look cats, the greater the file (s) session cats and the longer the formation of the search results.

Then you have to learn to exclude links with the same pictures
(There is an option to store them in a reduced form, for example 32x32), add exception specific sites and so on, but it's the details.

Understand that it is better to write your own browser?
Does anyone have any similar experience? What to pay attention? Maybe there's some resources to read on this topic.
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1 Answer

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Links that you looked purple, but no blue. Based on this, write a plugin that injected the scripts and the script hides the data links.
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