An Android web browser that supports the simultaneous display of several (at least two) of tabs?

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Does the nature of the web browser on the Android, which is able to simultaneously display the contents of multiple tabs, and interact with this content? That is, for example, to divide the entire screen into 2 parts and work with them as usual.

Recently I noticed most clearly that often have to switch from one tab Google Chrome to another and back in order for example to copy certain parts of text with tabs And tab B.

I want to be able to adjust the screen so to not switch at this time, the time between two tabs and to see them simultaneously on the screen.

Is there a browser?
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You can run two instances of chrome. First you need to activate the multi - button multi-tasking and drag and drop chrome up. Menu in chrome appears "Move to another window"


May still be convenient to change tabs by swipe:
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