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How to find a virus hidden links on the website? - Q&A

How to find a virus hidden links on the website?

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Good day!
Blocked ads in AdWords for malware. Contacted the support. Under malware they explained that the system found the "bad" links. Given a list of such links.

You know where these links came from. Put a file on the FTP site (as it later turned out the virus-infected file. turned out to be unreliable program)

To find where these links can't. Search for FTP does not issue, virus clean, too. Vosstanovil backup of files and database - did not help.

Where to find these damn links and how to remove them?

PS. Just recreate the website in a new folder on the hosting with a new database, ran a check AdWords - and still discovered undesirable. WHERE ARE THE LINKS?)
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1 Answer

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Look at the source code of the desired page (generated dynamically) using "View code"/"Explore element" and look there, "left links".
And from there - start digging in the direction of the server code.
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