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How to solve the "Challenge required" mgp25/instagram-api? - Q&A

How to solve the "Challenge required" mgp25/instagram-api?

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Hi all.

Implement autorizacao in Instagram with PrivateAPI and extensions from mgp25 -

When you authorize a new IP - insta meets the "Challenge required", which means the need to enter a verification code by SMS or email.

The most complete analysis of problems I found in this issue -

Following this answer ( implemented the functionality and now, in the case of response with a request to enter the code - programmatically emulates another request on the phone comes SMS, I insert it (and incorrect entry code causes the error - ie at this point, all true) and I get the message about the successful authentication in the response comes pk of the user and other data.

The problem is that when you re-call the method again I get prompted to enter. Ie library does not save the login succeeded or if something still comes up wrong.

Please help in resolving the issue - a lot of time spent on the search for a solution.

Thanks in advance.
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3 Answers

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Look how it is done in other implementations of the API.
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Hi, did you find the solution to this problem?
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try this

-> addPost ('_ uid', $ customResponse ['user_id'])
-> addPost ('_ uid', $ ig-> account_id)

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