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The incompatibility of the sim card Beeline, Sony Ericsson XPeria? - Q&A

The incompatibility of the sim card Beeline, Sony Ericsson XPeria?

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Faced with the fact that a brand-new phone Sony Ericsson XPeria mini pro regularly (several times per hour) spontaneously restarts. After the change three new phones it turned out that the problem is m the map Beeline — MegaFon and TELE2 no such problems appear. Support for Beeline to say anything intelligible can not. What it can be connected and how can this be solved?
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You know, we are now faced with the fact that when selling some SIM cards sharpened (oddly enough) for voice communication (I do not understand how this can be but this is the explanation from the seller), so these SIM cards were altered to a rate below the Internet.
After that, the SIM seems to work, the network sees and all that but in an Internet did not go well as.
As it turned out, there is a difference, I suspect the presence or absence of any pre-settings.
In short, the seller changed us so two in a row and they did not work then finally found something that made all of this was with a Megaphone.
What am I?
To what likely is coming to operator in the office and replace the SIM card.
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Seen this when a SIM card (Beeline) did not work with Nokia phones. The problem was solved by replacing the SIM card to the other, working from the same operator.
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Update the SIM card you have there may be old software which is incompatible with the new phone.
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About SIM cards of different operators the situation is not entirely unambiguous.
There is a long discussion on 4pda (, where one of the users in the messages 112 and 123 complains about the problem of reboot of the phone with the SIM card of the North-West MegaFon.
Maybe You just got lucky, or the duration of the tests was insufficient.
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