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IDE for HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Q&A

IDE for HTML/CSS/JavaScript

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Was not a trivial task to find the native IDE for HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Almost perfectly fits my requirements Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.
But it has a few drawbacks:
1. The problem with the file encodings.
2. Don't know about HTML5 Canvas.
3. Under Windows only.

All other IDE that saw sharpened by other languages (for example, Eclips for Java).
Of course you can pokrasnenie a night or two and make from vim, notepad++ and similar editors, something that will remind the IDE. Well, there is the syntax highlighting is screwed on, autocompletion, etc.

From all of the above begs the question.
Is there an IDE that meets the following requirements:
1. Free
2. Cross platform (desirable)
3. Code completion
4. Hints when typing code (functions, keywords, variables I have declared earlier, etc.)
5. Syntax highlighting
6. "Knowledge" HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Canvas
7. Debug, Watcher, BrakePoint, etc...
8. Work out of the box
9. FTP support (desirable)
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7 Answers

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NetBeans, Zend Stuod (Eclipse)
in *nix there is KDevelop (KDE)
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JetBrains editors good js/html/css in your IDE embeds javascript in PyCharm (at least a year ago) was better than in Eclipse with all plugins. All items except the first run; about being free — there are free licenses for open source.
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> Eclipse, like the NetBeans created for Java.
It's not quite right, the Eclipse universal IDE, in particular, for your case it is enough to set:
* Eclipse Web Developer Tools
* JavaScript Development Tools
And you can just download:
Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers
About Java support — previously it was possible to cut it out completely, and it was not in the build platform (there is, in fact, nothing was), but now, unfortunately, it's not (or I couldn't find an empty Assembly).
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yuzayu phpstorm — like
bought even :)
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Idea, WebStorm is really work, moved from Aptana
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Netbeans for php is better solution not seen
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